Saturday, May 30, 2009

YE3S Carnival 4-6th Jun 2009 !!!

++ New Added Activities :

1) Dota Competition , please contact Ustat-017 657 4237 ( ym id: sky_revolution88 )

2)Sepak Takraw , please contact Azmi - 012 785 2024 ( ym id: progrip98 )

Band Performance , please contact Amin - 012 2606 154 (RM50 for 2 songs) - equipments are provided
Karaoke Competition , please contact Musfirah- 017-335 7194 (Rm5 per song) LIVE !


Futsal , please contact Ikhwan - 017 6646 534
Pingpong, please contact Azhar - 013 2504 169
Netball , please contact Sakina - 012 689 2915
Fun Games,Eating Competition, please contact Kina - 012 307 6292


Booth , please contact Ika - 017 9278 480

Security and passes, please contact Redha - 017 2239 907

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

YE3S 2009 T-Shirt Project

ye3s shirt project

YE3S is currently selling T-shirts for our club members and also for students from other courses (for HND T-shirt) as a part of our 2009 session activities. Please see our high quality T-shirt (without collar for type -a , and with collar for type-b)

a) Normal T-shirt (without collar -round neck design, h/quality cotton) . (Order id: type a) - click picture to enlarge
Available in, Colour: Black Sleeve: long/short/half Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL

Pricing: ( RM25 for short sleeve, RM26 for half sleeve, RM27 for long sleeve )

p/s: this design is specially made for EE student, and is printed in a very limited units.
But order form is open for all students.
Business, Mechanical and other courses, you can choose the HND design(type b) T-shirt.
(please state your course in the order section)

Want to order now? Click here


This 2nd design, is a collar shirt which is made from a very high quality fabric(polo) and all the wordings are embroidered. All these T-shirts came with the same design, which we make it very simple but executive (except the back wording- depends on your study course). Good for formal use, and for those who are currently pursuing their study in HND . A perfect gift for those who are going to graduate soon. - make it a memorable one =)

a) High Quality Collar T-shirt(Polo shirt). (order id: type b). - click picture to enlarge
Available in, Colour: Black Sleeve: long/short Size: S/M/L/XL /2XL

Pricing: ( RM 28 for short sleeve, and RM29 for long sleeve )
*all the wordings are embroidered (Bahasa: sulam)
- we don't have half sleeve for this design.

Want to order now? Click here

Closing date:until further notice

*most of the money raised from this T-shirt selling will be used for
the YE3S carnival.

For more information regarding the t-shirt, please leave your comment at this post only.
contact us through email : list of representatives here
for ordering, post your details here