Saturday, May 30, 2009

YE3S Carnival 4-6th Jun 2009 !!!

++ New Added Activities :

1) Dota Competition , please contact Ustat-017 657 4237 ( ym id: sky_revolution88 )

2)Sepak Takraw , please contact Azmi - 012 785 2024 ( ym id: progrip98 )

Band Performance , please contact Amin - 012 2606 154 (RM50 for 2 songs) - equipments are provided
Karaoke Competition , please contact Musfirah- 017-335 7194 (Rm5 per song) LIVE !


Futsal , please contact Ikhwan - 017 6646 534
Pingpong, please contact Azhar - 013 2504 169
Netball , please contact Sakina - 012 689 2915
Fun Games,Eating Competition, please contact Kina - 012 307 6292


Booth , please contact Ika - 017 9278 480

Security and passes, please contact Redha - 017 2239 907

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

YE3S 2009 T-Shirt Project

ye3s shirt project

YE3S is currently selling T-shirts for our club members and also for students from other courses (for HND T-shirt) as a part of our 2009 session activities. Please see our high quality T-shirt (without collar for type -a , and with collar for type-b)

a) Normal T-shirt (without collar -round neck design, h/quality cotton) . (Order id: type a) - click picture to enlarge
Available in, Colour: Black Sleeve: long/short/half Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL

Pricing: ( RM25 for short sleeve, RM26 for half sleeve, RM27 for long sleeve )

p/s: this design is specially made for EE student, and is printed in a very limited units.
But order form is open for all students.
Business, Mechanical and other courses, you can choose the HND design(type b) T-shirt.
(please state your course in the order section)

Want to order now? Click here


This 2nd design, is a collar shirt which is made from a very high quality fabric(polo) and all the wordings are embroidered. All these T-shirts came with the same design, which we make it very simple but executive (except the back wording- depends on your study course). Good for formal use, and for those who are currently pursuing their study in HND . A perfect gift for those who are going to graduate soon. - make it a memorable one =)

a) High Quality Collar T-shirt(Polo shirt). (order id: type b). - click picture to enlarge
Available in, Colour: Black Sleeve: long/short Size: S/M/L/XL /2XL

Pricing: ( RM 28 for short sleeve, and RM29 for long sleeve )
*all the wordings are embroidered (Bahasa: sulam)
- we don't have half sleeve for this design.

Want to order now? Click here

Closing date:until further notice

*most of the money raised from this T-shirt selling will be used for
the YE3S carnival.

For more information regarding the t-shirt, please leave your comment at this post only.
contact us through email : list of representatives here
for ordering, post your details here

Shirt Size

For both type-a and type-b design, we provide sizes from S, M, L, XL ,to 2XL.

1)Type-a (ye3s shirt) : short, half, and long sleeves.
2)Type-b (HND shirt) : long and short sleeves only.

Want to order from website now? Click here

Monday, March 30, 2009

Order Page

This is an order page for you to leave your basic personal details so that we can contact you.
We will reply and call you to confirm about your personal details and your data will be processed once the payment for the T-shirt has been received by our representatives.

Here's the order template that you must use.
Copy and paste this template at the comment area, change the details with yours and click publish.

Name: Ali Bin Ahmad
Gender: Male
Handphone No : 012- 888 77 88
Ym/Msn id:
My Apartment : SS/06/04

I would like to purchase (details) :
+ T-Shirt: type a & b, Quantity: 1
+ Course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
+ Size: M,
+ Sleeve: Long Sleeve

* p/s: fake details will not be entertained. all data that has been processed will not be eligible for any refund.

-We will make an appointment or email you to collect the money for the pre-ordering. Please wait until we inform you. Any changes will be informed here. Please update. tq


2) Just contact our appointed sales representatives or any YE3S members to make an appointment with you.

Contact Numbers:

017 2239 907 - Redha , YM id: redha_bono89 (ordering/inquiry for boys)
017 927 8480 - Ika , YM id: shaput (ordering/inquiry for girls)

012 648 5545 - hani YM id: hanifadzuin (our head of entrepreneur)

013 2504169 - Azhar , YM id: budakjaybee89 (online ordering)
012 2606 154 - Amin , YM id: lilzbit (design)

{{ Ordering Process }}
1) Select your design >> Contact our Sales person/order from website >> Leave your details (please use the order format as shown above) >>Book by paying full price >> We will inform you after your T-shirt has arrived. >> Pickup or we have our representatives send the T-shirt to you.

Agents/ Club representative from every course is welcomed. Please contact Mr.Redha.

How to use this Site?

This website is created totally for the ease use of users to navigate.

The main purpose of this website is to:

  • 1) Provide the info regarding the YE3S activities (in this matter, T-shirt) to the public.
  • 2) Receive the order forms from those who are interested with our products.
  • 3) Q & A sessions between committee and the public.

How to use it?

To check what products(T shirts) that we have and to post comments or ask questions regarding it?
-please click here

Order these T-shirts now. Don't want to call us? let us call you. Leave your details at our site, and we will sure reach you. To do that,
-please click here

technical/ suggestion : please mail to

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who we are?

Young Electrical Electronic Engineers' Society or also called as YE3S (shortform) , is a registered society under the school of Electrical and Electronic. We are all college students and running this society during our leisure time and we do it for free. =)


YE3S has its main core team members which run all the activities around the year. It consists of the supervisor, president, vice-pres, treasurer, secretary, head of segment, head of every batch, their assistance and all the registered members which consists of EE students. All of them are working together to organize YE3S to be at its best to serve the EE community and other students with different courses.

Supervisor: Ms. Mary
*click to enlarge


*formal use logo
*other re-branding and carnival purposes logo


  • To build better relationship between lecturer and each student.
  • To build better relationship among students
  • To have a lively campus live
  • To build a team spirit among students
  • To provide opportunity for students to explore their hidden ability
  • To expose and build their entrepreneurship skills


  • To produce a world class electrical and electronic engineering
  • To give value at that skills to young electrical engineering


  • Develop future engineer
  • Produce the creative and innovative engineer
  • To make sure students will get more experience and knowledge


  • 'Enduring Endeavors to Excel'
got any questions? Send your inquiries to

Help Us to Advertise

Want to put this banner on your fs/myspace/ facebook and other social sites? see the codes and steps shown below to help link back to this site. (not restricted only for EE members, since we also got HND shirt for all major courses)

ye3s shirt project

Copy and paste all the codes given in the text box below to your friendster/myspace/facebook/etc profile or send it as a testimony/comment to your friends.(who are studying together with us).

Codes are all in HTML format. Widely spread it.
Your action is highly appreciated. Tq from all of us, the YE3S committee members. =)

*the codes

1)I don't have any basic to HTML. But I do have fs/myspace/ facebook and other social sites accounts. How to use this code?

Like an example in Friendster(FS),

a) To add at the profile section
Click edit profile>> copy all the codes given in the box above (yes, all)>> paste the codes to your profile
section (at any section, eg: about me) >> Then save your profile.

b)To send as a testimony/comment :
Click 'post a comment' at any of your Legenda friend's page >> copy all the codes given above
>> paste it at the comment area as usual. >> click post.

2)I want to advertise this website link on my YM. How can I do that?
Very easy. Click your status>> add new status>> then just put this web url. example:

You also can put any comment before that, eg:

I will be right back. Just leave your comment.

easy huh?