Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who we are?

Young Electrical Electronic Engineers' Society or also called as YE3S (shortform) , is a registered society under the school of Electrical and Electronic. We are all college students and running this society during our leisure time and we do it for free. =)


YE3S has its main core team members which run all the activities around the year. It consists of the supervisor, president, vice-pres, treasurer, secretary, head of segment, head of every batch, their assistance and all the registered members which consists of EE students. All of them are working together to organize YE3S to be at its best to serve the EE community and other students with different courses.

Supervisor: Ms. Mary
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  • To build better relationship between lecturer and each student.
  • To build better relationship among students
  • To have a lively campus live
  • To build a team spirit among students
  • To provide opportunity for students to explore their hidden ability
  • To expose and build their entrepreneurship skills


  • To produce a world class electrical and electronic engineering
  • To give value at that skills to young electrical engineering


  • Develop future engineer
  • Produce the creative and innovative engineer
  • To make sure students will get more experience and knowledge


  • 'Enduring Endeavors to Excel'
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